Insider for Windows Phone 8 has been bumped to version


I has been putting out frequent updates to my Insider free / pro applications. Insider has been updated three times in the last month.

The app now supports a number of additional languages, including Español, Português, Tiếng Việt.
(Total 11 languages.)
Further information, please confirm the content below.

Main Feature:
– Battery Stat+ / Status
– Support Live Tile / Lock Screen
– Shortcuts: FlashLight, Compass, StopMusic and System Setting Shortcuts(WiFi, Lock-Screen, Cellular…)
– Today Bing Background: download(up to six days)
– Time Tools: World Clock, Stopwatch, Countdown
– All Windows Phone Compare
– System Info: phone info, version, network, memory…
– Diagnostics: NFC, GPS, LCD, Headset…

Change log:
– Customizable Tile colors.
– Added Battery Graph detail view, Compass Shortcut, Windows Phone search…


Next update…
– Support Nederlands, Hungarian languages.
– Re-designed Today’ Bing screen.


Insider Free Download

Insider Pro Download